Based in Northamptonshire at the small village of Farndish, Saxby’s is a small, artisan cider producer that was started by Phillip Saxby on his family farm.

"I decided to make fruit ciders because I feel that a lot of fruit ciders are simply too sugary and sweet and I want to make cider with a hint of fruit – a drink for grown-ups. Our cider is made using real fruit juices and real cider – no flavorings, syrups or nasties."

For example, their cloudy rhubarb uses juice sourced from the rhubarb triangle in Yorkshire. Similarly, their Plum and Blackcurrant ciders are are made with carefully sourced ingredients and love.

The farm does not rush any part of the cider making process, with each year’s harvest being crushed in October and taking a month to ferment. The ciders are left to mature over the winter and take on their subtle fruit flavors.  Bottling takes place in March, after which it is ready for drinking. There’s no rushing – just carefully selected English apples, slowly matured and expertly blended.