Three Tier Distribution

The United States' three tiers of distribution may be unfamiliar to you as an exporter.

The three-tier system legislates that producers may only sell their products to importers and wholesalers - who, in turn, sell to retailers.  And only retailers (including bars and restaurants) may sell to consumers.

It's an artifact of America's prohibition era, after which the government began to regulate the alcohol industry's excesses and to levy taxes. This led to the creation of laws in which single ownership of all three tiers (production, distribution and retailing) was entirely or partly prohibited.

Owing to markups at each tier, it can be difficult to meet attractive price points in America as a small UK producer

However, Cider Cellars helps you join forces with other UK cider makers to achieve economies of scale. Together, we reduce your freight costs and maximize your marketing investment.

Cider Cellars also promotes British farmhouse ciders as an emerging category in the USA with cleverly designed in-store displays, sampling and trade events.

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