Yankee Apple History

Norman Stanier shares the rich history behind Herefordshire's dominance of British cider making in this BBC special.



For an informative overview of the evolving US cider market, listen below as Cider Guide Eric West interviews Alan Shapiro, founder of the popular American Cider Summit festivals.

The importance of terroir

What can cider learn from wine? The French got it right three hundred years ago when they started defining style by geography. It can forever limit your competition, says Gregory Hall of Virtue Cider in this informative podcast.

"If we are smart collectively, we talk about terroir and provenance. There is a regional difference between ciders from the Great Lakes and ciders from the Northeast owing to weather and the quality of the fruit."

Angry Orchard Interview

Angry Orchard is the #1 cider brand in the US.

In this wide-ranging interview, Cider Chat Host Ria Windcaller learns how Head Cidermaker Ryan Burke was influenced by his mentor, Herefordshire's Tom Oliver and how "what grows together, goes together" spurs innovation. 

Artisan producer Tips & Tricks

Creative packaging is key to standing out on increasingly crowded US bottle shop shelves.

Listen to this "packaging hacks" primer from My Artisan Business producer Catherine Moran. It gently reminds one to avoid making the copy all about ourselves and our company and suggests creative alternatives.

An international cider primer

From Jamie Oliver: Everything you need to know about cider. How it is made, where it comes from, and what's the difference between English, French, Spanish and Swedish styles of cider.

Documentary Evidence of a Cider revival

Englishmen Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw are two of the planet's greatest cider experts. Together, they embark on a "grueling" hunt for the world's best pint of cider. Their mission starts in "The New World" in the forthcoming documentary about international cider culture.