OUR Purpose

We introduce Americans to the joy of tasting proper English farmhouse ciders. In doing so, we aim to play a small part in preserving the natural beauty of Great Britain's countryside.

Place matters. Every cider we source is a unique expression of the land on which it was grown. By supporting heirloom producers, you help safeguard the future of ciders we love and the family farms and local growers who make them.


Cider Cellars' journey began in 2014 when Linda Unsworth purchased the Old Orchard at Tidnor. After living in the United States for over 20 years, she longed for a tangible connection to her native Herefordshire.

A labor of love, the Old Orchard is managed to organic standards certified by the Soil Association. We sell the cider apple crop, harvested from 85 year old trees, to local producers.

Watching the tremendous growth of the American cider market and unable to find authentic English farmhouse cider in America, Linda founded Cider Cellars Imports in 2015.

Today, we make exporting to the USA simple. 

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